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Located only 50 minutes outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina. An affordable alternative for "all-inclusive" senior care!

Why Choose Our Residential Care Center for Seniors

Why Choose Our Residential Care Center for Seniors

Seniors deserve an environment where they feel safe, comfortable, and well taken care of. In today’s reality, it is undeniable that there is a growing number of seniors who are struggling to live alone because they can’t afford the expensive rates of care facilities. Here at Heath Springs Residential Care Center, we offer affordable senior living in South Carolina. We believe that every senior loved one should receive care like no other. Here are some reasons to choose us:

  • We have a high-quality senior care service performed by well-trained caregivers. Our care providers are trusted and committed to helping your senior loved ones improve the quality of living their life by encouraging them to engage in healthy habits.
  • Our assisted living home in Heath Springs, South Carolina has an accessible location which is only 50 minutes away outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina. With this advantage, seniors will be able to live near their families and friends, churches, restaurants, shopping centers, doctor’s offices, and places they are most familiar with.
  • We have recreational programs to keep seniors physically healthy and at the same time giving them a time to socialize with other seniors living in our facility. Our activities are customized according to seniors’ physical capabilities to ensure that they are safe and well. These activities include aerobic exercises, brain-enhancing games, arts and crafts, cooking, and community integration and outing.

If you want to know more as to why you should choose our residential care center, feel free to send us a message on our website or give us a call at 803-273-3227.

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