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Located only 50 minutes outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina. An affordable alternative for "all-inclusive" senior care!

Senior Care: We Got It Covered for You

Senior Care: We Got It Covered for You

Living alone comes with a lot of perks, such as freedom and privacy. But when you get older, remaining at home by yourself can become a challenge. Move into an assisted living home instead and enjoy:

  • Round-the-clock services

    Do you ever worry about who to call when you’re in need? Sure, you can rely on your family members, but sometimes they’re unavailable due to personal appointments. And let’s be honest, that can be difficult. But when you give assisted living home in Heath Springs, South Carolina a try, you won’t have to worry about that! We will give you professional supervision 24/7.

  • Nutritious meals prepared daily

    As of late, what has consisted your diet? If you’re unable to confidently admit that you are eating healthy, then you should consider signing up for affordable senior living in South Carolina. In our care, we will not only assist you with daily living activities, but we will also serve you delicious food!

  • Recreational Activities

    Who said being in senior care has to be boring? Heath Springs Residential Care Center has a whole set of entertaining events that will keep you occupied by the hour. What we have prepared for you also doesn’t just aim to entertain, but to also keep your mind active and sharp.

  • Safety measures implemented

    Do you find too many fall hazards in your home? Are you reluctant to install safety railings in your bathroom? It’s okay! You can just move into our care instead and enjoy a safer and more serene environment. No need to take part in the upkeep of it. Our staff has everything covered so that you can easily relax without any hassle.

  • Respite Care

    Family caregivers are tough. But even they need to get some rest to rejuvenate their energies. That is why to extend an extra helping hand, we don’t just provide senior care but respite care as well. Let us know when you need help, we have friendly staff that are more than willing to assist you.

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