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How You Can Pay for Assisted Living Care

How You Can Pay for Assisted Living Care

Is it time for your loved one to relocate to an assisted living home in Heath Springs, South Carolina? They may need this second home when their home is no longer conducive to their health condition. In some cases, their living conditions make it difficult for them to age in place.

But are you worried about paying for assisted living care?

Don’t be. There is always an option for affordable senior living in South Carolina. Along with that, there are also sets of payment options that can help you cut on costs. These include the following:

  • Government Funding

    Some states include Medicaid coverage in assisted living care. These are government-funded benefits for senior individuals who qualify the eligibility requirements. Aside from Medicaid, there is also the Veterans benefit. This is for senior persons who were former members of the armed forces and were discharged in an honorable manner. The Veterans benefit is also applicable for the veteran spouses.

  • Insurance

    If your aging loved one has secured long-term care insurance when they were younger in life, they can now use this for assisted living services. Yet, if what they have is another form of insurance, it can still be possible. Coordinate with the insurance provider to know how payments for assisted living can be accommodated.

  • Personal Savings

    Your aging loved one could also have saved for their retirement. Since this is a common practice in the country, your loved one may also have their savings. These savings can be managed to handle their assisted living payments.

  • Family Resources

    The immediate family can of course help in shouldering the cost of assisted living care. They can pool their resources together to help ensure that their loved one receives quality senior care. Many families find this practical since they can still extend help for their loved one.

At Heath Springs Residential Care Center, we make assisted living care more affordable for your loved one. If you have inquiries about these matters, feel free to set an appointment with us.

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