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Five Ways Assisted Living and Nursing Homes Differ

Five Ways Assisted Living and Nursing Homes Differ

Our assisted living home in Heath Springs, South Carolina is one of the many living options your elderly loved one can choose to receive care in a facility. In many ways, assisted living facilities are like nursing homes. However, the two are different in some aspects. What are those differences?

5 Key Differences Between the Two

At first glance, it can be easy to think of a nursing home and an assisted living facility as the same things. Both, after all, provide professional senior care. But they differ in the following ways:

  1. Level of Dependency
    Assisted living residents are expected to be independent to a certain extent. They simply need help with specific daily living tasks, like bathing and dressing. Nursing home residents require 24-hour assistance for every daily living activity.
  2. Type of Care

    Assisted living provides round-the-clock personal care. Nursing homes combine that with medical attention for complex health concerns.

  3. Level of Mobility

    Assisted living residents may have physical or cognitive challenges, but they can still move around. Meanwhile, nursing home residents are usually bedridden.

  4. Type of Rooms

    Nursing home residents generally stay in a private or semi-private room, while assisted living residents live in a studio or one-bedroom apartment.

  5. Type of Staff

    Nursing homes are run by a team of skilled nursing professionals to provide the 24-hour medical attention that their residents need. On the other hand, assisted living homes are staffed with trained caregivers who focus more on daily living assistance and companionship.

Does Your Loved Need a Nursing Home or an Assisted Living Home?

Finding the ideal senior living setting is essential to the welfare of your loved one. Don’t worry because you don’t have to decide on your own. Our care team can assess your loved one’s condition to see if they qualify for affordable senior living in South Carolina at our assisted living home.

Learn all about your loved one’s senior living options now. Call Heath Springs Residential Care Center to get started.

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