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Brain Improvement Games for the Elderly

Brain Improvement Games for the Elderly

Apart from regular exercise and care assistance, another factor that can affect a person’s wellness is their ability to participate in engaging activities. These will not only help in preventing boredom, but these can also promote their overall health. As an assisted living home in Heath Springs, South Carolina, we understand that for our clients to be comfortable, we must also provide them with enjoyable activities that support their cognitive health, among others. Here are a few recommendations for you:

  • Board games
    Board games have various difficulty levels, instructions, and rules to follow; making it ideal in boosting a person’s creativity and planning techniques. Since a lot of board games are supposed to be played by more than one person, they also promote healthy competition and socialization; which make them popular among the elderly who are receiving affordable senior living in South Carolina.
  • Bingo 
    Playing Bingo does not only allow seniors to bond with their peers, but it is also known to have benefits for seniors. Playing it needs a person’s concentration. As such, it stimulates senses like sight, touch, and hearing. Plus, due to its social nature, bingo enables them to make friends that can alleviate loneliness.
  • Card Games
    Cards can be played in different ways. Each game has its own set of rules that the players need to follow. Playing this game requires a person’s concentration and involves planning. It is also good at improving a person’s cognitive skills and processes. The thinking this game requires is a great brain exercise.

At Heath Springs Residential Care Center, a company that provides senior care, brain improvement games are provided to all our clients. Are you interested to know more about our services? Call us! 

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